Can I use OnboardList to send an onboarding email sequence?

Instead of sending a fixed sequence of emails, OnboardList sends reminder emails to keep new users focused on their next unfinished step in your onboarding sequence. You enter the content of each reminder email in the OnboardList admin.

When do reminder emails get sent?

Each night, OnboardList looks for the next unfinished step in each user's checklist. The first night a step is unchecked, OnboardList sends the reminder email for that step. That reminder email gets repeated 4, 7, 10, 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360 days later, until the user completes that step or unsubscribes.

Can I stop reminder emails from going out if a user cancels their account?

Yes, you can use a webhook to unsubscribe the user. See this page of our documentation for details.

Do you share the user email addresses I send to OnboardList?

We store your user data in our cloud database, and will never share it outside OnboardList or use it for ad targeting or anything other than providing the OnboardList service.

Other question?

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