Setup Service

Hire the OnboardList team to evaluate your onboarding needs, write your checklist and reminder emails, and work with your developers to integrate our service into your SaaS product.

After you deploy OnboardList, we help you evaluate OnboardList's metrics showing how many users completed each step of your onboarding process so you can fix any bottlenecks.

  • 1. Research

    Our onboarding content specialist signs up for your SaaS and researches the steps necessary to realize the core value of your product.

  • 2. Writing

    Our specialist writes your onboarding checklist items, plus a unique reminder email message for each item that directs the user to complete that item.

  • 3. Revisions

    You log in to OnboardList to review your onboarding checklist and reminder emails, and our specialist makes any necessary adjustments.

  • 4. Testing

    We customize your checklist with a color and font to match your brand, then work with your developers to install and test the checklist widget.

  • 5. Deployment

    We go live and test your deployment. The cost of the Startup Service includes a two-year Startup subscription to OnboardList.

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